Advanced technologies

At the service of disabled people

Home Based combines the technologies to increase the quality of life of people with reduced mobility and their families.

Home Based combines different technologies in order to give autonomy to people who need it. Often these technologies are considered as gadgets. We believe, on the contrary, that they have a real utility when used by the right audience.

Home Based exploits these technologies, improves them and combines them to make them an unprecedented help for people with loss of autonomy. The result is an improved quality of life, thanks to an adapted, simple, scalable and personalised solution.


Whatever your disability, we offer a solution adapted to your needs and preferences, all in agreement with your occupational therapist or your entourage.


To be accessible, a technology must be simple to use, intuitive, natural and effective. Our expertise in this area is second to none.


The solutions we deploy can be easily enhanced with new features and easily adapt to the evolution of your autonomy.


Our installations are customised according to your needs and are arranged in such a way that their use is natural for YOU.

About Home Based

Home Based was born out of two observations:

  • technologies intended for people with reduced mobility are rarely compatible with each other, forcing the user to use multiple control devices (switches, remote controls, etc.)
  • the Internet of Things opens up new possibilities which appear accessory to our eyes but which would be really useful to people in loss of autonomy. Unfortunately, none of these technologies are specifically made for this kind of user.

Image of Soline used by a person with reduced mobilityImage of Soline used by a person with reduced mobility

This is why Home Based has developed Soline, the first environmental control specifically designed for people with loss of autonomy and which combines the best technologies of the moment, at the service of PRMs.