What Soline brings

For the institution

Efficient management of heavy, temporary, progressive or exceptional handicaps

Supports the nursing staff for minor procedures, allowing them to concentrate on caring and listening

Because it can be moved from room to room, it reduces installation costs compared to traditional home automation systems

Soline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the patient's bedside

Soline does not need rest and does not catch COVID

Soline does not need a mask or protective equipment

For the patient

Restores a certain degree of autonomy

Adapted, throughout the day, to the patient's abilities

Reinforces the patient's self-esteem and confidence in carrying out trivial tasks without outside help

Relieves the patient of the feeling of guilt linked to his disability

Prepares the patient for his return home or to a permanent institution by training him to its use

For teams of occupational therapists

Allows to test and combine different modes of interaction with a single tool

A Soline Mobile in the occupational therapy room, which is easy to move around, allows to train the patient in multiple situations (in front of the TV, in bed, in a chair, etc.)

Because Soline can also be installed at home, its use in an institution encourages the patient to surpass himself in order to gain more autonomy